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[gnokii-users] gnokii moving to

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: [gnokii-users] gnokii moving to
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 00:45:55 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,

I'd like to announce that gnokii has moved from to We all thank to Samba Team for their assistance with
providing CVS, web pages and ftp space for us. We really appreciate it --
thanks a lot!

At savannah we have ready environment for the development. I hope there will
be no more complaints about wrong content of the current tarball.

The CVS is being moved at the moment and it should be available (see the
info below) in few hours. I hope we won't loose the change history but
hopefully we can get rid of unneeded obsolete directories.
[just checked CVS 1 minute ago, but it still wasn't there]
For now you can still use the old repository. But any new commits will go
to a new one.

We decided to move our mailing list as well. Hats off to Martin Hamilton who
assisted gnokii development from the beginning and took care of the mailing
list over last few years. The old archives should be available also at the
new site. All subscriptions from the old mailing list were copied to the new
one. The old mailing list will work for some time in parallel, but it will
not allow for the new subscriptions and will followup all emails to the new
list. If you can read this emails, it means that everything worked :-)
You can unsubscribe at
Please do *NOT* send the email to BOTH lists.

As you may see at the gnokii's savannah page there's also the second mailing
list available. This is a commit list -- all notices from the CVS updates go
there. The old subscribers will be moved to this list, so no need for the
new subscription. Although it's not done yet.

Probably the ftp site will move to the savannah servers, as it would make the
work with tarballs easier -- many of the useful scripts are already there.
The benefit is also many mirrors of the freesoftware ftp servers. I belive,
in each country you'll have a local mirror. I think the
ftp stuff will be no longer maintained.

The website will stay at at the moment.

You will find many new to gnokii project features on the savannah. There's a
bugtracing system, possibility to submit the patches (although I still
prefer receiving them by email) and many others I still don't know.

gnokii docs are *NOT* updated yet to reflect these changes. I will do it
when everything works -- not later then 1st April I think. If you'll notice
then any not updated places, please report it.

Now the interesting part -- the urls: - gnokii homepage - project page
[the following info can be found at the project page] - download area
Source tree:
  o use the empty password when logging in
  o the module name is gnokii - gnokii CVS web interface
address@hidden - discussion forum
address@hidden - CVS commits

We are learening the new stuff, so please apologise all mistakes.
PS. I hope my English was not as terrible as it is in most of my emails, I
really tried to write it correctly, so everyone could understand :-)
mailto:address@hidden :: mailto:address@hidden :: Kernel Traffic po polsku

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