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RE: [gnokii-users] Fw: Re: CVS update

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: RE: [gnokii-users] Fw: Re: CVS update
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 11:16:54 +0100


> Pawel continues to have my full support and remains the 
> appropriate person to be leading the project.  Both Bozo and 
> Markus are now part of the core team and hence will have 
> influence over the projects direction in the future.
> My general observation of the broader mailing list community 
> is that people are happy with Pawel's work/management.  If 
> they're not I invite them to email me to that effect.
> Pawel took on the "management" role at the request of me and 
> with Pavel J's agreement.  Pavel J and I retain the right to 
> veto decisions as the original authors but have not had cause 
> to do so.  I am happy with Pawel's work as I believe is Pavel 
> J.  I think you will find this approach consistant with other 
> open source projects.
> It's a shame Marcin that you don't like the way things are 
> being handled within the gnokii project.  At the end of the 
> day you can of course fork mygnokii off (like samba/samba 
> tng) and I invite you to do so if you don't like it here.
> Let's avoid another flame war - if you don't like it here 
> please fork and set up your own mailing list etc.  Clearly 
> gnokii/mygnokii users are free to choose whichever project 
> they like as well.
> The best result would be of course for you to stay as you've 
> made valuable contributions but if you feel you are unable 
> to, so be it.

I don't want flame wars too. 

I appreciate this voice, but you simply didn't answer on my points.

I see, that during two years project received new structure. This is
good. But it's still weak.

Of source new splitting IS the way. But it will make new separation and
probably you don't want it and it doesn't have sence in longer way.

So, could you write me (very clear), how do you see future of project,
when contributions are dropped (as you said valuable) ? Other people
weren't able to move them during two years. Do you think, it will be
done soon, when things will be as are ? Could you answer for it ?

Could you CLEAR write, what is future plan for this project ?

I gave example of Bozo and Markus Plain, because (for example, of
course) they seems to have bigger knowledge and can make/resolve some
things more polite and generally faster. What do you think ?

If you want to see addresses. Hmm, many people are out now because of
wars, etc. Anyway, I will remind you some people, who made progress into
(only) mygnokii: Jan Kratochvil, Ralf Thelen, Andrea Scopece, Michael
Hund.... I also receive emails from some other. All of them criticed
gnokii way. Of course, I shouldn't write instead of them. But many of
them are out because of splitting of decisions made by PaweĊ‚. And
probably don't read it. If you want, I can give some emails adresses
(which I have in this moment) to them to your priv.

Markus Plail inducemented me to write source for gnokii again. Two
patches were discussed, Bozo helped with his knowledge. I showed during
it some weak sides of current source. Now 3'rd smaller patch is rejected
without explaining. DO you think, that this good ? Please answer...

The only think I want, is agreement to making work. Now it's stopped. If
there is nothing found in patch, it's said: it's too big. When I say
about weak sides of source, there is silence. It isn't interesting to
show bugs (they're just hidden - no bugs list, no TODO updated). How
will you answer for it ?

I want to make gnokii fast growing, stable software. It was possible to
have in mygnokii full 61xx/71xx support, it could be possible to make it
for gnokii. If you don't agree for it, simply say: no and I will
probably have to create mygnokii2. If yes, please make something to
allow it.

Generally, I want ask you to give answer exactly to this questions. No
answers around. Please do it. Very clear and after thinking, if answers
are correct. I want to know, if it has any sence to spend here time. OK

I also include molests (I don't know, if word is correct - in Polish
zarzuty) from previous email:

1.he makes changes in CVS without asking other people, if they agree or
not (like smslib and methods of using it)

2.his voice is the main, although not always is the same to voice from
many other people (like during old flame wars - see posts from 2000)

3.he doesn't answer for uncomfortable quesions (like question connected
with my patch3 - which parts were not clear for him)

4.although users inform about bugs, there is no bug list

5.he applies or not some things according to his needs - his rationale

Please write, how do you see it. Maybe I'm totally wrong and it's part
of gnokii way. But please clear say, how this way look like. Very clear
and after thinking. I don't expect this answer fast - it can be after
one, two, three days. But please write it according to truth. No answers
around. OK ?

I also include my topnet email. Please use "Reply to all" - I will
receive sms info and will know when you will answer. OK ?

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

mygnokii mirrors (,,

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