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[gnokii-users] Re: CVS update

From: Markus Plail
Subject: [gnokii-users] Re: CVS update
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 09:35:27 +0100
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Hi Marcin!

* Marcin Wiacek writes:
> [...]
>> From now on "windows compatibility" is not a valid argument for
>> applying the patch. Such patch can be of course applied but with some
>> sane rationale.
> Maybe it is high time to vote, if Paweł really should have first voice
> here ?

If you want so, I vote for Pawel!

> For me for example Bozo or Markus Plain are in this moment better
> people to better manage this project.

My name may be plain simple, but definitely isn't 'Plain' ;-) Anyways
you must be joking. This is my very first project and first experience
in C programming. I am in no way able to maintain it. And in my eyes
Pawel does a very good job. Can't talk for Bozo, but as far as I
understand him he can also live with what Pawel is doing.


PS: I fully acknowledge Pavel's and Hugh's posts.

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