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Subject: [gnokii-users] READ
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 06:45:54 +0100



Dear friend,

Following the sudden death of my husband, Late General
Sanni Abacha, the former head of state of the federal
republic of Nigeria in June 1998, I have been thrown
into a state of utter confusion, frustration and
hopelessness by the present civilian administration.
Security agents in Nigeria have subjected me to
physical and psychological tortures. One of my sons is
still under detention as well as arraigned before a
Federal High Court of Nigeria for an offence he did
not commit. As a widow, that is so traumatized, I have
lost hope and confidence in anybody within the

You must have heard over the media and the Internet on
the recovery of various huge sums of money deposited
by my late husband in different security firms abroad.
Some willingly gave up their secrets and disclosed our
money confidently lodged with them and many
out-rightly declined lodgment. In fact the total sum
discovered by the Government so far is to the tune of
$700 million dollars. And the government has not
relented in its efforts to completely bring my
children and I back to square one. This is why I
deemed it necessary to act fast by contacting anybody
abroad for assistance. Furthermore, due to the
security network placed on my daily activities I
cannot afford to visit any embassy for a possible
solution, hence I have decided to contact you and I do
hope you will be the person God is going to use to
rescue my family and I.

I have deposited the sum of $35 million dollars in a
security firm abroad as whose name is with held for
now for security reasons until we fully commence
communication. I shall be grateful if you could
receive this fund on my behalf for safekeeping.
Adequate arrangement has been made for receiving the
fund. It is totally risk free. This arrangement is
known to you, my brother (who is contacting you and I
only. This means that my Lawyer will deal directly
with you as surveillance is on me. My LawyerÂ’ name is

You are entitled to 30% of the total sum. I hope to
invest a proportion of the balance in your country.

Please forward your private Telephone and Fax numbers
so that we can fully commence communication
immediately. I will quite appreciate, if you accept my
proposal in good faith. I look forward to receiving
your urgent reply to my plea. 

Yours truly,
Hajia Mariam Abacha


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