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Re: strange error with my nokia 5300

From: Luisa Ravelli
Subject: Re: strange error with my nokia 5300
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 18:54:18 +0200

2009/4/1 Daniele Forsi <address@hidden>:
> however the _8_ part might means something different, possibly
> depending on firmwares, because in my 5300 with firmware V 03.50 I
> have 86 SMS which all have "4" in that location and I also have an
> "audio message" in Drafts with "4".

I don't know, in fact I'm going to upgrade my firmware to 7.x to see
if it's better than my actual. In case I'll control if something has

> the interesting part seems that before the _05_ (which most likely
> means "read"): I have
> 2_01_00 for SMS
> 1_02_20 for MMS
> 1_06_20 for the audio message
> while Luisa has
> 2_01_00 for SMS
> 1_01_20 for MMS

Two new mms for me, and maybe an explication for the difference
between Daniele's phone and mine.
These 2 mms are seen as "mms plus" from my phone (and have the same
notation as Daniele's, 02_20) while the others were "mms":


Daniele, your phone says "mms" or "mms plus" for the 02_20 mms? The
difference for me is also in the icon, a gift pack for the mms plus
and something like a little photo with a musical note for the normal
mms. You can see the icons in "messaggi" --> "crea messaggio"

By the way, now --getsmsfolderstatus says "418 out of 420 are SMS",
this means that the "mms plus" are recognised as mms while the "mms"


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