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Re: chinese garbled sms with --getsms locale utf8chinese

From: Jonathan
Subject: Re: chinese garbled sms with --getsms locale utf8chinese
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 21:14:08 +1100
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Hi All,

Is it just me or is there always someone with a problem to do with asian 
characters in gnokii? Is it really that big a problem? If so, should a 
special support wiki or something be set up or it?

I'm just throwing ideas out there, I have neither the knowledge or the time to 
help with anything related to this



On Thu, 2 Apr 2009 07:29:59 pm Belbe Gaet wrote:
> here is the file and the wording, thanks again a lot for your help!!
> As I could only write it by hand from the mobile, it may be a little
> different from the phone value, (characters handlings may be a little
> different from phone to computer, especially for comma or other
> punctuation) but here is how it should approximately look like.
> This is simplified chinese. (utf8)
> here is the message in chinese:
> 你们明天住宿的地方叫雪堂小院,电话是0563-8490739
> the hex value:
> 5730 65B9 53EB 96EA 5802 5C0F 9662 FF0C 7535 8BDD 662F0563-8490739
> decimal value:
> 20320 20204 26126 22825 20303 23487 30340 22320 26041 21483 38634 22530
> 23567 38498 65292 30005 35805 1714357603
> web encoding:
> 你们明天住宿的地方&#2
> here is the web page I used to do the translation from chinese to hex
> Gaetan Belbeoc’h

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