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Re: sending longer messages at once

From: Mika Chu
Subject: Re: sending longer messages at once
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 14:24:39 +0800

gnokii --sendsms cellphone_number -l text_length
I test it here, it should be OK.

Mika Chu
2009/4/16 Emil Majkowski <address@hidden>

I would like to ask you how to send longer messages by gnokii --sendsms at once. If I try send longer than 160 characters message  I get  an error that the message cah have only 160 characters and nothing is send. I tried to use --long but it doesnt work.
How I can send more than 160 characters text message at once and let gnokii divide the text on few smses?

Thank you in advance for an answer

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