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--sendsms "Nickname <number>"

From: Raphaël Droz
Subject: --sendsms "Nickname <number>"
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 14:29:09 -0300
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I'd really like to have a possibility to pass a "destination" in a more
complex form than the current digit-only notation.

That would open the door to completion of --sendsms using the output of
address managers.

But for this to work, gnokii must accept an argument which would not
only be digit-only (ie: containing named "prefix")
Although Gnokii would ignore it, it's need for the completion-process to
work (since bash does not provide a distinction between what is
"suggested" and what is actually "completed" on the command line)

In order to avoid complex parser-code and before writing an initial
patch, I'd like to know what are your thoughts about that? What format
should be accepted?

I'm thinking about:
destination="whatever string <number>"
Thus, if the first char of arg is not part of [0123456789+] then expect
the destination to start after the first "<"
Other form are possible, like:
arg="whatever string: number"
arg="whatever address@hidden"
[it's up to the address manager to be flexible enough in order to output
the desired form]

If --sendsms never allowed (and will never allow) sending emails
(although most cellphone allows that), then using the first form
(derived from the email notation) should be fine.

best regards

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