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[Gnowsys-bug] Re: Fr CRCE Group

From: Nagarjuna G.
Subject: [Gnowsys-bug] Re: Fr CRCE Group
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 10:56:09 +0530
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On Sunday 16 Jan 2005 10:54 am, Hiten Makwana wrote:
> In the process of making GNOWSYS procedural part error
> free we have made following changes in the code....
> Most of the errors were due to wrong DTML script or
> due to introduction of BTreeFolders and not updating
> the links accordingly.....
> In this processw we had certain doubts which are
> listed after the changes log.
> Also should we start working on pyGTK part or not ?
> pgql is going to take 1 more week to finish.......
> Our college has started from 6th January.......

Good to know that things are moving.  Either you send me the files
that you modified, or send the entire tgz. file.  Usually the better
thing to do is to send the 'diff' output, see man diff.  The I could
patch the original source and create a new package. 

Regarding the pyGTK: I dont think you should now concentrate on pyGTK.
I want you to study the entire procedural module thoroughly and give
me a clear presentation on how it works.  Then I will propose if any
modifications are needed in the component classes.  Then we need to
work on the GQL for procedural module, which is not done at all.
Without GQL pyGTK will not work.  Once GQL is ready then if you still
have time you can make something on pyGTK or ask the other team which
is already well versed with pyGTK to take on.

Let me summarize, 1. make a clear presentation on how procedural
module works, write and give a presentation.
  2. work with a focus on GQL, must for making the
    semantic computing work.

> Question 1a:
> While Deleting Objects in View Mode Links like :
> http://localhost:8080/G06/Programs/PBase/Custom/PBase/Custom/adotb/delfunobj
> http://localhost:8080/G06/Programs/PBase/Custom/adotb/delfunobj
> http://localhost:8080/G06/Programs/PBase/ClassObjects/gno3/delclass
> work. How is that possible ? The paths are obviously
> not valid.
> Moreover, a seemingly correct link like 
> http://localhost:8080/G06/PBase/Custom/adotb/delfunobj
> does not work.

the top links work becaues that is the way zope works, a method
registered in the name space of a parent folder gets inherited to

delfunobj did not work because it is located in Programs folder.

> Question 1b:
> While browsing View Interface -> Manage -> Edit ->
> WordProb (for eg)
> path is
> http://localhost:8080/G06/Programs/PBase/WordProblems/upper/manage_main
> It works. Should it???
> Unlike in question 1a, fixing the links to replace
> 'Programs/Pbase/' with just 'Pbase/' workd fine.

will have to check to understand the problem.

> Question 2:
> Deleting Function Objects does not work. All other
> objects get deleted flawlessly. Rectified foll error
> to no avail.
> In file delfunobj.dtml
> <form action="<dtml-var
> surl>/Programs/PBase/Custom/<dtml-var id>/DelFunO"
> method="post"> 
> changed to
> <form action="<dtml-var surl>/PBase/Custom/<dtml-var
> id>/DelFunO" method="post"> 
> Question 3:
> In View Mode -> Manage -> Edit
> there are options to edit all object and object types
> except ClassObj and Classtype.
> Do we have to provide for that?

some editing facility to change say doc string or add some additional
properties to the object may be possible.  we will do it if we find a
legitimate use case.


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