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Re: Merging the FSF jobs page and GNU Herds

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Merging the FSF jobs page and GNU Herds
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 11:25:38 +0200

Hi Jonas,

> Will be the FSF grant "GNU Business Network", "Free Software
> Contributor", "FS Ethical Business" or whatever certifications?. It
> could make the site management easier.

I'm not sure if it's feasible for us to go through the list of companies
regularly to give them those flags. For the "GNU Business Network", it
might happen like this;

 1. The company registers with GNU Herds and checks the "GNU Business
    Network" box.
 2. A notice is sent to a GNU Business Network authoritative person who
    checks wether the company is indeed a member of the network or not.
 3. Two links are given in that notice; if the authoritative person
    clicks one of them, then the company record is updated in the GNU
    Herds database and their affiliation with the GNU Business Network
    becomes visible; if the person clicks the other link, then the
    record is updated to reflect that the company is not in the GBN.

It is OK. Cool!.

We will develop such mechanism after the GBN is ready, or as soon as
we finish others tasks. It is very easy.

Of course, this can't be put into production before we have a stable
working GNU Business Network, and we might want to change the logic of
this depending on how the GBN will become implemented, but it might give
you an idea of how something like this *could* be done.

To get the GBN certification out of production we just remove its
register from the LC_Certifications table. We have not to modify any
source code line.

Let us know any change of the logic.

-- Davi

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