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[GNU Herds]: Milestone 23-12-2006

From: Martin Mielke
Subject: [GNU Herds]: Milestone 23-12-2006
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 22:17:47 +0100

Dear Richard, dear all,

the main reason for this email is to get some feedback from you, since it has been a long time since you emailed us for the last time.

We are aware of the fact that you are busy with the pre-testing of Emacs 22. Maybe it could be a good idea to delegate this minor task of cheking GNU Herds to someone else you fully trust.

Anyway, these are the steps we are going to carry on with L
et us know if you disagree:

 1.- Pre-Test

 2.- Announce - just to get feedback and help, without going live

 3.- Go live, still on beta stage, with:
      * All the certifications disabled, as the GNU Business Network, etc.
      * As we do not have the resources to carry out manual
        checks, we will go without it.

Manual checks which the FSF could support:
 * Check user warnings about JobOffers or Entities.
 * Check each job offer before being posted or   check entities only each year and enable it to post.

The demo and production-ready sites are available under:

The data stored  on will not be deleted anymore. A remote and encrypted backup copy will be kept.

As an ongoing task, we are yet looking for a better host which could offer us, among others:

         * better bandwidth/throughput
         * secured user data
         * email and mailman services

Please let us know your comments.

Best regards
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