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Re: GNU Herds -- Content Management Systems (CMS)

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: GNU Herds -- Content Management Systems (CMS)
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 18:56:50 +0100
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> J R wrote:
> > Why not use an open source CMS like drupal for it, then develop some
> > modules for more specific stuff.

Davi Leal wrote:
> This article points you to all the information you need to choose a CMS:
> Using the below facility to compare, for example Drupal vs TYPO3, I prefer
> TYPO3.
> If we manage to fix the problems you are reporting, what advantage will the
> use of a CMS give us?.
> I think GNU Herds is not a Content Management System where you add new
> articles every day. It is a web app more like Gmail, where you login to
> process information, right now only qualifications, job offers, etc.

> I am writing the GNU Herds' report, following the output of the 'compare'
> report at . It has key elements
> as the project license. After reading the GNU Herds report I hope we know
> if we must use a CMS, a normal webapp, an AJAX webapp, a mixture of normal
> and AJAX web app, using AJAX only when needed or ...

After a short analysis, my conclusion is that using a CMS we lose more than we 

We can add to the current architecture, design and features what be needed. We 
have already support to a lot of CMS features (see the detailed report at ) and it is 
easy to add more.

It is just my personal opinion.

Key points:

  * The use of the Affero GPL or GPL v3 is a must to a
    webapp. We want be able to release the source code
    without the risk of a fork and lock with the GPL v2.
    We do not use GPL v2 due to it does not cover use of
    software over a computer network. GPL v2 has legal
    holes about it. You know.

  * We are already using a localization architecture
    which is very good for us purpose.

  * PHP 5.x OOP support.

As result of your feedback we have already improved the login box, and we have 
taken note of a lot of CMS features which we could develop.

Thanks for your feedback!,

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