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Re: [GNU Herds]: Portuguese (Portugal?) translator

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: [GNU Herds]: Portuguese (Portugal?) translator
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 21:25:02 +0100
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Duarte "HappyGuy" Loreto wrote:
> Hello again, Davi
> I see that the page was changed to have "projecto" again. I thank you for
> that :)

You are the expert :)

> If I may, hope you don't mind, I would like to call your attention to the
> fact that on the Spanish translation that was base to my work there was
> this message that I think is a typo
> msgid "%1CVS%2 server at %2Savannah%3"
> msgstr "Sevidor %1CVS%2 en %2Savannah%3"
> Shouldn't it be    Sevidor -> Servidor    ?

Fixed. Thank you very much!.

> As for my IBAN, it's the following one:

I will go to my bank tomorrow. The e-bank webapp does not allow me add 
the "PT" characters, and I want to be sure the donation will go to you ;)

There are some points about I would like know your opinion:

A) About the language names to use at the webapp heading,
   should we replace "Português" by "Português (Europeu)", or
   better by "Português (Portugal)" ?.

   Note we are going to add the Brazilian one too. I hope
   Fatima will carry out such task.

   Let me know if I am right:

     There are two Portuguese languages:
        "Portuguese (European?)"  pt_PT
        "Portuguese (Brazilian)" pt_BR

      "Portuguese (European?)" is official at:
           Portugal (PT)
           Angola (AO)
           Cape Verde (CV)
           Guinea-Bissau (GW)
           Mozambique (MZ)
           São Tomé and Príncipe (ST)

      "Portuguese (European?)" is co-official at:
           Macau (MO)
           East Timor (TL)

      "Portuguese (Brazilian)" is official at:
           Brazil (BR)

   However, if "Portuguese (European)" is used too at
   Angola, Mozambique, etc. should it name be
   "Portuguese (Portugal)" or just "Portuguese"
   instead of "Portuguese (European)" ?.

   I am not sure, but as the code is pt_PT I think the
   best option would be "Portuguese (Portugal)" ?.


B) To avoid confusion, when we list a language in job
   offers, I think that maybe we should modify the data base
   to use?:

     pt_PT, Portuguese (Portugal?)
     pt_BR, Portuguese (Brazilian)

 instead of just:

     pt, Portuguese

C) I suppose you use aspell to check the translations.

P.S.: It seems is a Brazilian translation :)

Best regards,

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