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Re: Announce at Italian news sites?

From: Antenore Gatta
Subject: Re: Announce at Italian news sites?
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 14:56:57 +0100

Yes it's a good idea.

Do you have some advices for the message? I can translate after in Italian and post it on all the GNU/Linux news site.


2007/1/24, Davi Leal < address@hidden>:
Hi all,

After I improve the JobOffer form, I propose announce at Italian GNU/Linux
news sites.

I have noted people come looking for job offers.

While I filled the Portuguese translator job offer, I announced such job
offer, and so GNU Herds, at the Portuguese (Portugal) site , and at the Portuguese (Brazilian) site

Now there are:
  62 registered persons, mainly from Portugal and Brazil
   1 company
   1 non-profit organisation

Number of visits
  December 2006, 300
  January 2007,  998

I do not know if this project will have a slow grow or just will fail. Anyway,
from my experience it is a great tool to do HH.RR. selection.

As usual, flames are welcome and needed.


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