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Re: Affero GPL vs others licenses

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: Affero GPL vs others licenses
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 23:30:55 +0000
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Davi Leal <address@hidden> wrote: [...]
> All depends on what you want. Personally, I know what I want. What do you 
> want 
> MJ?.

A free software business association that uses unambiguously free
software.  GPL v3 and all will be well, I expect.

> > It does limit possible adaptations.  For example, try adapting a
> > program under Affero GPL with 2d triggered to a networked system where
> > HTTP cannot be used for some reason.
> In a networked system there is always a networked way to offer the source 
> code. Anyway you could offer it from others networks, as we do at Savannah.

It does not matter whether there is a networked way: AGPL says HTTP.
Nothing else.

Also, you can't rely on offering it from other networks, such as
Savannah, because that is not the exact source running for users.  Do
you mean that you are complying with the AGPL in spirit but not letter?

> > Also, 'it's trivial to get a copy of the program, not modify it at all,
> > and setup a wholly separate filtering proxy to ensure no one actually
> > can activate the "immediate transmission by HTTP of the complete
> > source".'
> Are you talking about not fulfil the Affero license? !.

Actually, the AGPL would be fulfilled, but no-one could take advantage
of the immediate transmission offer because of the proxy.

> > 'These clauses fundamentally aim to be restrictions on use, which
> > we've never allowed in free software' [Anthony Towns, 7 Mar 2003]
> GPL v3 will add restrictions about patents, etc.  It is just the evolution, 
> you get something new when you do something never done before.

I hope that GPL v3 will keep restrictions about patents in a patent
licence, to avoid confusing patents and copyrights, or exporting
software patents to places which do not have them.

> P.S.: I remember you the open questions about the problems you exposed: 
> English country, Cookies, etc.

I'm running a small backlog of email.  Please excuse the trimming.

MJ Ray - see/vidu
Somerset, England. Work/Laborejo:
IRC/Jabber/SIP: on request/peteble.

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