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JobOffer edit form without JavaScript requirement

From: Davi Leal
Subject: JobOffer edit form without JavaScript requirement
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 19:54:03 +0200
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New skills' Expert System at

  * Suggest skills
      Try to add the some of the below skills:

        uml, linux, bsd

  * Auto correct skill
      Try to add the 'uml', 'linux', 'bsd', etc.

        c++, sql, xml

Take a look at the Qualifications edit form (old yet) and the new JobOffer 
edit form.  Let me know any modification which we should do to the new 
JobOffer form before I apply the same 'pattern' to the Qualifications form.

As usual, it is not committed to CVS yet.

Proposed roadmap:

  1. Finish the JavaScript removal task  (80% already done)
  2. Contact with RMS to try to move to the FS hosts
  3. Fix something if needed
  4. Update translations
  5. Announcement (again)

As usual, any comment, flame, etc. is welcome,


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