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Re: [GNU Herds]: hosting at the FSF ?

From: GNU Herds work team
Subject: Re: [GNU Herds]: hosting at the FSF ?
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 00:37:29 +0200
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Richard Stallman wrote:
> Nobody but sysadmins have any direct access to our web servers.
> Even our webmasters edit the web pages thru savannah.
> We just don't do the sort of thing that you are asking for.

That is good news for us!  So if the project is finally installed at FSF hosts 
users will be sure their data is taken with care, because only sysadmins will 
have direct access to it.  That is the best to the project.

We can work thru savannah. It is not a problem for us. We will not need a ssh 
account. Read below.

> If it is just a matter of HTML files, that we CAN do.  We would have
> to look at the site's contents, and judge that it is really ok for our
> site.  The webmasters may have other issues, too.

The project is an interactive PHP webapp.  We will adapt it to your needs. 
Feel free to modify the content or any other thing.

Notes about features:

Users can add new skills, which get the pending-to-class state.  We did it to 
add flexibility to the webapp. The current possible states are:

  * Free
  * Non-Free
  * Unknown
  * Pending to class

Non-Free and Pending skills are not showed at public job offers or public 

Somebody will have to process the pending-to-class skills.  So we commented 
you about the ssh account to do it ourselves, and so do not load you with new 

Now, we can develop a new web page inside the webapp so that it can be managed 
by a webapp-admin, via HTTPS, without the need of a ssh account.  That admin 
could be assigned by the FSF or else we could realize it ourselves.

The database has lots of skills already loaded: C++, XML, SMTP, ..
and we think that at the end it will be unusual that users insert a skill 
which is not already at the data base and already classified.  So raising a 
new pending-to-class skills will be unusual at the end.

Note that there are rules which autocorrect skills towards its canonical name, 
for example:

    from:  adA   to:   Ada
    from:  c++   to:   C++
    from:  Xml   to:   Extensible Markup Language (XML)

There are rules which suggests corrections, for example:

    from:  linux

        Linux kernel
        Keep as is

    from: Uml

        Unified Modeling Language (UML)
        User-Mode Linux (UML)
        Keep as is

   file:    Layer-5__DB_operation/Skills.php
   method:  getSuggestedSkillsLists()

Let us know if you think this feature is too much complex, or must be removed, 
or it is not convenient, or ...

Note that other sections does not have such pending-to-class control. For 
example the user can write anything at the "FS projects" section and it will 
be showed in public resumes and offers.

You could look at the webapp and let us know if you want we add the same 
admin-control to some of the other sections.  The gnuherds project is just a 
proposal in draft mode.

Let us know anything we must modify or feel free to modify it. We are not in a 

P.S.: We have noted some bugs which we will follow fixing.

Best regards,
The work team

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