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Re: [ #342287] Re: [GNU Herds]: hosting at the FSF ?

From: address@hidden via RT
Subject: Re: [ #342287] Re: [GNU Herds]: hosting at the FSF ?
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 05:59:20 -0400

GNU Herds work team wrote:
> Richard Stallman wrote:
>> We could in principle take over hosting the job site, if it is a good
>> replacement for our existing one.
> We wait for some of the Chief Webmaster, the Campaigns people or the 
> sysadmins 
> let us know something to do.

I see the site relies on 'GeoIP' - is this free software? I don't think
the site being in PHP is a particularly bad thing, as the site could be
seperate from the other sites on the machine, or even on its own Xen
slice, in order to isolate it.

That said, our sysadmins are standardising on Django, and if you were
willing to put the work into rewriting the site, and making it available
under the GNU AGPL v3, that would certainly fit in better with current
trends. I see you're already under v1, so that wouldn't be too hard.

Would this site have its own identity or would it be branded the same as ? Perhaps we could create a similar, but not identical skin.

Finally, you should work with myself to ensure the website meets our
expected quality for accessibility, usability and web standards. This
would involve some significant changes to your template, but shouldn't
be a problem if you intend to rewrite in Django.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.



Matt Lee
Chief Webmaster, GNU Project

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