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Re: project's long-term targets

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: project's long-term targets
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 21:56:14 +0200
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Klaus Weiss wrote:
> It is really kindly to give us mention, though we still have a
> lot of work.

> I followed the last discussion with rms carefully and 
> now want to ask what we should consider as our long-term targets?

I personally think that our long-term targets should be

  get the base ready to work,

that is to say, get a true-democratic association and the needed tools ready 
to work.  I personally think the association is the base. Anyway as usual 
people will do what they want.

These are some of the tasks which I personally think should be carried out to 
get such base ready to go:

 task: webapp administration via HTTPS --(???)

 task: Add an automatic mechanism to renew membership --(Davi)

 task: Follow improving the FAQ section, and others --(???)
       English wording, etc.

       Optimise the organisation of the Hacker's Guide --(???)

 task: Move the hosting to FSF servers --(FSF)

 task: New feature: Resume import/export --(Klaus?)

       This would be cool, but I think this will be
       an "after release" addition.

 task: New feature: Job filtering and search --(???)

       We can delay the addition of this feature,
       and add it only on demand, that is to say,
       where there are a lot offers posted.

 etc.: Update the translation, ...

Klaus, I do not know it you could develop the new "webapp administration" 
page?.  I would help you to start it if you want.  I used previously the 
ideas exposed at your code to improve the project, you already know it.

You could, later, if it is required, carry out the import-export task. Anyway 
note that your motivation or the project requirements can change along time. 
It is just evolution.


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