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1. Re: mass payments, project groups, images and movies (Davi Leal)

From: Dion Rasmussen
Subject: 1. Re: mass payments, project groups, images and movies (Davi Leal)
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 06:27:46 +0100

OK. When you're interested I better send you the first README from my evolving source/tree package

- CutSys README -

The CutSys is like a file-system but more like a cut-system with
much more advanced cut categorizing and mixing features com-
pared to the usual unix directory organization.

A CutSys-Cut works like an interactive document-object ordered by
one or more QCuts. CutSys-Cuts can contain embedded chat-channels,
auto-scaled images, shopping-items and movies etc.

The general user-view in QCut-mode is laid out with folded Cuts
according to the selected QCut-order ie. sorted by multiple order
factors (one for each selected QCut).

Instead of only getting a filename or a preview of the first page
of a pdf-document, each Cut in QCut-mode is represented partly by
folding it. Instead of only advertising a head, cuts can be folded
to show both head and body in a partly manner before they're un-

CutSys has several Apache mod_perl modules to serve the user-surface
via _javascript_, HTML, CSS and XML over HTTP for the ultimate com-
patibility and performance.

I have not yet written a dev-manual but you're welcome to email the
questions to me and the source-code got plenty of comments in it.

(c) address@hidden and the Gangsterfreak/GPL
- micro-escape solutions


I'm targeting setup-sales to get into the hardware market and free that too :)

Actually I'm trying to afford a name for the first stable release


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