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Re: Your offer at GNU Herds

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Your offer at GNU Herds
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 00:22:39 +0200
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Antenore Gatta wrote:
> Maybe another bug?
> The job offer has been updated by Melanie.

I myself filled "Melanie" directly in the data base!  I did that to avoid the 
automatic offer-alert being raised without "Nome". 

> First of all, is this a real Job offer? Even if in the Ref. is written
> prova (test), it's not absolutely clear that is a real job offer or not. So
> we (IMHO) add a field for tests (no??? why???).

If any user want to create a test job offer, he can activate the 'closed' flag 
or just delete it after creating it.  So such offer will not be published.

GNU Herds allow persons publishing job offers.  IMHO, take care to not publish 
false offers is the users' responsibility.

  I will fix the bug which allow publishing a offer without
  filling the  "Offered by (entity)"  identification.

> Then, surely more important, it's not clear which kind of profiles Melanie
> is looking for, maybe the form is not enough rich?

IMHO the form is rich.  She just did not fill a clear offer.

> maybe would be better to have a first form with the experiences needed,
> providing a search result and giving the possibility to the "head hunter"
> to decide (whenever he/she will find something) to continue or not (posting
> the job offer).

IMHO it is good offers being added even if there is not any people registered 
at gnuherds. That is to say, just showing the offers will bring people to 
them sooner or later.

> As usual our motto, I could be wrong...

I could be wrong too.

Antenore, there is one fuzzy at the Italian PO file:

#, fuzzy
msgid "Salary"
msgstr ""

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