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Re: Drawing icons

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Drawing icons
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 23:44:10 +0200
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deepinlife wrote:
> Are these icons completely out of range ?

The image dimensions should be 62x62 pixels and 20x20 pixels for the icons and 
for example 620x620 for the source ones.

> 1- For pledges, i don't fully understand the word, but i saw the
>    comment written on it in the site, i liked the 2 cents sentence so
>    i made an icon having the 2 cents. 

* For the job-offers icon, perhaps we could use a "sign contract" shape?
  Maybe a paper and a pen?

* For the donation-pledges icon, I like your two cents' idea too!  :)

* For the look-for-volunteers icon, I do not know yet. Perhaps raising
  hands or just lending a hand, as you proposed, could be good idea?

> 2- For the task, stepping on every finished task will make u reach the top

IMHO the up-arrow icon is enough.  IMHO a person going up stairs' icon is not 

Just contributing to your proposed images, I attach a proposal to replace the 
donation-pledges icon, using your idea of using two cents for its shape.

Note the attached XCF image is made by layers, with each component in its own 
layer. So we will able to edit it easily.

The attached icon follows the style of the current icons [1], which IMHO is a 
good style: with bright colors and shapes, no photos. The background is 
exactly the same. Only the shape has been changed. That is the artistic style 
used by FireFox 3.0.


As you as already done, working with 620x620 pixels images as source will make 
it easier to get better icons; we just re-size it.

As usual, we could be mistaken.

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