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account executive

From: Nicodemo Alvaro
Subject: account executive
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 17:56:34 -0500


What exactly is expected of me for being an account executive? It
seems that are specific roles that can be placed on what an account
executive can do. I was able to log in and see the domain under a
folder called "account exec", but I have only viewed it.

Here is the list of roles from .

    *  Read Only - Your AccountExec can view entrusted domains, but
cannot make modifications.
    * Admin - Your AccountExec can assume all defined roles defined
for the entrusted resources.
    * Contacts - Your AccountExec can modify contact information for
the entrusted domains as well as email forwarding for third level
.NAME domains and Nexus information for .US domains.
    * Nameservers - Your AccountExec can modify nameserver information
for the entrusted domains.
    * Auto Renew - Your AccountExec can set whether or not entrusted
domains auto renew upon expiration.
    * Cancel - Your AccountExec can cancel the entrusted domains.
    * Hosts - Your AccountExec can manage hosts for the entrusted domains.
    * Domain Forwarding - Your AccountExec can manage domain
forwarding settings for the entrusted domains.


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