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Re: GNU Herds: avoid promoting Non-Free Software

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: GNU Herds: avoid promoting Non-Free Software
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 19:03:28 +0200
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Richard M Stallman wrote:
> > As "LPI Certification" is not Software, Hardware, Documentation,
> > Data or Art, we propose to add the new "Non-Free Abstract" tag to
> > avoid showing in qualifications and offer views skills which
> > _promote_ Non-Free Software. 
> I don't entirely understand what this suggestion means.  Do you
> mean literally you would write "Non-Free Abstract" as one of the
> qualifications of this person?
> That does not seem very useful, either for our goals or for him.

No,  of course the GNU Herds project do not write "Non-Free Abstract" as one 
of the qualifications of this person.

It is only while the user is editing his Qualifications [1] or Job Offers [2] 
when the tag are shown as a way to report him about the freedomness of the 
skills he is filling.

  [1] Qualifications.edit.png
  [2] Job_Offer.edit.png

In the public views of such Qualifications [3] or Job Offers [4],  skills 
tagged as "Non-Free" or "Pending-to-classify" are not shown to avoid 
promoting non-free software; only skills are shown, not their tags.

  [3] Qualifications.view.png
  [4] Job_Offer.view.png

Note as the skills present in the edition sections, and tagged as Non-Free or 
Pending, are not shown in the views.

Of course users can only access such pages after identifying himself in the 

> So here is another idea:  use "GNU/Linux certification" to refer to
> either the LPI certification or the Red Hat certification, or any other
> that may exist in the future. 

That is a great idea.

We are going to patch the webapp to record rules automatically in the first 
appearance of a skills to rename, when the Skills Administrators rename it by 
hand.  Such rules will be automatically applied from the second appearance 

Automatic renaming is already done for some cases, e.g.:
 * automatic conversion of undercase, uppercase.
 * automatic conversion of some patterns.
 * suggest convertion from "Linux" to "GNU/Linux" so the user can choose.

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