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Re: GNU Herds mockup

From: Nicodemo Alvaro
Subject: Re: GNU Herds mockup
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 12:31:44 -0400

On 5/8/09, Antenore Gatta <address@hidden> wrote:
> I agree with almost everything you say, but language bar there is really
> nice IMHO. Just it's not functional if we will have too many languages...
>> The menu on the side should be along the bottom.
> Can you provide an example? I don't understand this point.
>> The email contact should be along the bottom of the page, not the content.
> I think it's a good idea, in this way at any moment the user can make in
> contact with us.

I read here is that there should be a vertical layout to the web page,
where the most important parts of the hierarchy starts at the top.

The worst case is: if you use text, screen reader, or mobile browsers,
you may have difficulty navigating to the information and features you
were after. I can tell you that GNU Herds is especially hard to use
with a text browser such as elinks or lynx. A vertical layout would
help to ease those browser issues.

>> The site gives NO clue as to what it is or why it exists.
> Not really!!! Go to the home page and read... ;-)
> Well, it can be improved and I agree that we should insert an "About us"
> section, but it's not so bad at the moment, isn't it?
>> What is a 'free software association' -- explain in terms people will
>> understand.
> Yes, but remember that who comes to gnuherds is someone who know enough well
> this words... It's out of our scope to explain to people what is the free
> software. Anyway it can always be improved.

Is this not defined on the "Charter"?
> The name of the Association shall be GNU Herds, to be known publicly as GNU  
> Herds - Free Software Association.

PS: I suggest we do not e-mail Matt replies about he said as he
complained in IRC before. He is not part of the GNU Herds project and
has other responsibilities.

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