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Roadmap update -- proposal

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Roadmap update -- proposal
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 12:38:47 +0100
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Now the focus will be Savannah integration:

  1.- Edgar will commit the patch to block Spam at JobOffers.
  2.- Davi will work out the Savannah integration.
  3.- After Savannah integration, fit all together with the new Matt feedback.
  4.- Social features, if any, are delayed after Savannah integration.

I will continue with the Savannah integration task in August due to it 
requires special dedication.

In the while I will follow assisting to Nicodemo and Edgar who will be able to 
experiment, if they want, with the below new Matt's feedback or any other 
idea, posting proposed patches to this mailing list, etc.

New Matt feedback:

  * Lacking short introduction text at current home page. E.g.:
     A Free Software association is an association of persons or other
     entity types, related to Free Software.

  * We should have some text in such introduction which says something
    like "Create a profile for yourself on the site and list your
    qualifications", and 'Create a profile' should link to resume
    or whatever, and when you click it, if you are not logged it, you
    get prompted.

  * We would expect clicking on the logo to take us to the homepage,
    not to the about page.

  * Add explicit link to the about page.  A link in the footer or in
    the introductory text that says 'About GNU Herds'.

  * Move 'post offer' link which is up in the header, to a
    link 'post new job offer' floated to the right of a list of jobs.

  * Delete the 'list offer' button at heading.

  * If there are no job offers, don't show a list of 0 items.
    Maybe we should merge the 3 list and only show one, as it was
    already advised by some other guy.

  * Remove the login and register buttons. 

>   * Tags (Social information)
>       We do not want to publish the users resume, but maybe we
>       could publish a users country-Tag-map and a browsers
>       country-Tag-map.
>   * Friend Of A Friend (FOAF) (Social Network)
>       I personally like this one, but the project must protect
>       users privacy.  So the network should be anonymous if the
>       browser is not logged-in the application, and he can only
>       see the friends number but not the friends data itself?

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