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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: [resmedicinae-developers]Plugin = Component?

From: Christian Heller
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: [resmedicinae-developers]Plugin = Component?
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:12:46 +0100

Hi Thomas,

> Since you have mentioned it, the first cut of the openEHR models will be
> available for perusal in aout three weeks on Don't be
> put off by the amateurish feel of the site at the moment - it is
> changing quickly. These models are the result of wider input than our

so, there's the Australian and the European input - how about an additional,
Latin-American one??
Did Beatriz from Brasil already contact you? We (small "consortium" of
EuroLat people) are currently in the planning state of an eventual project
to develop Domain Models, Interfaces and some Applications for Medicine
(more or less similar aims like your work, a bit more emphasis on Apps).

As you mention the OpenEHR homepage: We are still looking for a site to
put our project documents to. As they are probably around the topic
of the common EHR, the OpenEHR homepage might be a place for us...
We'd like to avoid creating yet another homepage with the same aims.

> to be in; some things will take a bit more convincing. However, openEHR
> is about implementations, not standards as such, so if our ideas don't
> work when we try them, they will be fixed/replaced/thrown out.

That's what we would like to do then by implementing the OpenEHR ideas
in some prototype Applications.

> In the coming months, people here might be interested to become part of
> openEHR, which simply means joining mailing lists (of course!) or

Is it possible you take over all subscribers of the GEHR list to the
new OpenEHR list automatically?

> p.s. I notice from the code below that everyone is writing in this
> unreadable "hungarian" notation (or "camelback" as some call it). Why
> don't people here use underscores, making words lexically parsable to
> the human brain? I.e. an_attribute_returning_boolean, AN_EHR_CLASS etc.
> I'm sorry to say that we will be using this format in openEHR, but I
> guess the name conversion rules are easy to define....(then again, I
> know that the german brain is specially wired to read really long words
> with no breaks or capitals to help parse it, so maybe that's why?!)

Probably :-)
But there's one more reason: Simply the Java Style Guides.
I've just had lots of discussion about using Java vs. Python and don't
want to repeat that with Java vs. Eiffel. I just think, or better: it's a
matter of fact, that Universities and also all of our partners in the
coming project are using Java (not to mention the one with VB).
It just has more popularity and support, at Educational Institutions,
in the OpenSource Arena and also in industry.
Means: I wouldn't want to change the notation for now, may be later,
depending on where things develop to in the next few years.

Reading you,

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