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[Gnumed-devel] Gnomed destroys partitionstable!

From: Philipp Walderdorff
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Gnomed destroys partitionstable!
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 12:09:12 +0200

I had downloaded the iso-file and burned on CD to start knopix with gnumed.

On two PCs it stack  and on the third PC it destroyed grub and, what I could 
understand right now, more: The patitionstable.

Windows-XP was installed on the first Partition /dev/hda1, 
grub on /boot /dev/hda2
/root, /home and swap on the next partitions.

During installing from the knopix-CD kame the error that grub was destroyd.

Since then my Menu, which is declared in grub.conf was not schown anymore, but 
only Windows was started.

As I had a lot of work getting gnumed started in FC5, which is now working 
indeed, on the other PC, I did not have time to correct this problem here. I 
thought, this will be simple to install Linux-FedoraCore4 or 5 again and the 
grub will be instlled newly. But this was not so.

Since this installation of Knopix I can only install windows-XP. When trying to 
install LINUX I get the error: There is now patitions table, I could install 
new, which would destroy all datas. And when I install new, I can install 
Linux, but this destroys Windows and does not use the whole hard-disc-space. 
Only 6G out form 80G !
When I install Windows again, I can make a partition of let say 10000MB where 
windows XP is installed. Trying to install Linux (FC5 or Ubuntu) no partition 
table is found!

So I suppose, that GNUmed-Knopix-CD destroyed something on my hardDisc. 
I do not know exactly what is the MasterBootRecord, but I suppose, it has 
something to do with it. 

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