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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Announcing the fork of Open Dental to create a new pr

From: Kevin
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Announcing the fork of Open Dental to create a new project: GNUdental
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 09:04:29 -0500
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Roberto Mello wrote:
On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 08:25:00AM -0500, Kevin wrote:
Although the project switched away from v1.1 only some time in the past year or so, Open Dental currently depends upon version 2.0 of the .NET framework. OD currently runs only on Windows although Dr. Sparks claims

It's inevitable, if you're a .NET user, that you will want to use the
latest from Microsoft, with all the pre-made components that come with it.
I work with .NET aficionados.

This is Bill's hedging strategy I guess...

Two days ago, I announced on his forum that I have forked OD and thereby created GD. After I made this announcement, Dr. Sparks announced that he would be racing to "beat me to the punch." He is strongly opposed to forking his GPL'd code. I know that his concerns are based upon

Looks like Dr. Sparks is claiming he'll have a Linux version soon. Even
mentions you:

Funny, yesterday the content of that link above looked like this:

And of course he knew that was a falsehood when he published it. He changed it when I called him on it in public:

...even moved that post out of the topic where I posted it (long after I apologized to the one doc who thought it was spam, but the time-stamp doesn't reflect that---it reflects the time of my original post), out of where it belonged, and out of where it made the most sense: the context of his plans for SVN (which is still not online):

A True Revisionist.

He didn't want the majority of his users seeing it. His thread "Our plans" (where I posted) was in his Main Forum, where most of his users spend their time. I can just see him now: "We can't have this!...." So he moved it to his "Advanced Topics" forum to get it away from the majority of his users. Poor guy... He must think that he's GWB or something. I wonder if he says, "nucular..." when he talks. ;-)

He's now also suppressed my voice in those forums. Not terribly surprising for a guy like him. He wants to maintain absolute control over everything that happens with that code.

The guy is downright scary. Somewhere in that forum (unless he's taken it down now) he describes how he wants to put an RFID tag on every one of his employees so that he can know exactly where every single one of them is at every moment of the day.

Here it is:

And if he takes it down now I've got a local copy so just ask me about it. Quoting in part from his post:

"...A map shows which employee is where, based on who is logged in to each workstation. I think the sensors at each workstation would be a few hundred dollars each. Does anyone else want this as badly as me?

Please notice that this concept is significantly scaled back from my long-term goal to have realtime tracking of all employee movements which would be entirely passive..."

His own little police state!  :-0

How'dja like to work for a guy like that?!

He should have licensed OD as commercial software if he wanted to maintain that kind of control over it.

What's the chance of having him:

1) Start using version control (git is probably not an alternative for
2) Work with you in creating a branch for Linux support
3) Commit to making that branch the official version for both platforms?

If you spend any time reading that forum....
<>'ll know that there's a zero percent probability of that happening. A snowball would have a better chance in Hades.

I tried working with him for two years. Gave him money... you name it. He's obstinate and inexperienced which is the worst combination, so it's out of the question for him.

Worst of all, he's already taken down many of my posts from that forum (in spite of his public claims to the contrary). Oh well, I did everything I could possibly do to gain his support, or even a neutral blessing. The man has a greedy heart and no sense of the spirit of free software. So GNUdental will move on without him.

He's most likely using Windows Forms, and support for that in Mono is
still under heavy development.

Right. Although with Novell's assistance, it may be doable for him (and thus, also for GNUdental).

So continue to write me off-list at address@hidden (gdATgnudentalDOTorg) if you wanna help. I already have more than 125 off-forum email messages from his user community in support of GD (they're all afraid to support me publicly because they depend on him for day-to-day support and they all know that he'll screw them if they support me publicly), and I appreciate the folks from this list who've already joined my team, but I welcome all additional comers. I have great ambitions for GD---much greater than Dr. Sparks has for OD. I'll be starting a mailing list for GNUdental soon.


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