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Re: [Gnump3d-users] unable to play playlists

From: Yoav Avitzour
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] unable to play playlists
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:51:14 -0500

>   Can you print $SERVED_SIZE after the send call to see that it's
>  been incremented?

4 digit numbers, something else each time, 2231, 2088, 2744.

>   Where are you testing from?  The same hsot as the server is
>  running on, or a different one?
Ok, now things are getting strange. I get the same if I try from a
remote location or from the server. But, I get different things if when
I use Epiphany vs. Firefox. 

With Firefox, I can't do anything. With Epiphany, I can right-click and
save the recurse.m3u file, and I can even run xmms recurse.m3u and
stream the files. However, even in Epiphany, I cannot do it directly. If
I try directly it opens xmms and xmms complains that the file doesn't

The other strange thing is that files are sorted correctly in Epiphany,
but not in Firefox!



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