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[Gnump3d-users] user identification problems

From: khp
Subject: [Gnump3d-users] user identification problems
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 22:41:53 +0200

Hi list

After upgrading gnump3d to, I get a "401 OK" (no connection to 
server), even with a successful login. If I remove the "password protection" in 
/etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf, there's  no problem at all... The file ".password" 
is in the music root directory, with the same permisssions as always (read 
permission por "gnump3d" user, as that's the user specified in config file). No 
options specified in /etc/default/gnump3d. Using Debian Etch... Any idea?

Thanks for keeping this software alive, Steve ;)


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