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Re: [Gnump3d-users] Re: blank page as result when accessing the root of

From: Marty Huntzberry
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] Re: blank page as result when accessing the root of gnump3d-server
Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 06:14:02 -0400

What I have done is made all my mp3's owned by user root in group root.  The
execute permissions are 644 on all files in /usr/share/gnump3d/ and 664 for my
mp3 files.  I then symlink the mp3 directory to my gnump3d user
directory (ln -s infile outfile) as the gnump3d user.


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Markus Drexelius Wrote:

Hi Brandon!

I have fixed the problem: the parent folder of the MP3-root folder 
didn't have read and execute permissions for "others" (but for the group 
where I have included the user "gnump3d").

Now after "o+x" and "o+r" it works fine.

One (maybe silly) last question: when I enter "groups gnump3d" the 
result is: "gnump3d : nogroup gemeinsam"

Could the problem be, that "gnump3d" is member of the group "nogroup"? 
Or isn't it a special group that has no effect of the membership to 
other groups (like the group "gemeinsam")?

I am asking that, because the group access should permit the user 
gnump3d to have execute-access to the parent folder of MP3-root...

So I can't explain to myself, why it doesn't work before, only when I 
give execute permissions for everybody it works fine...

Normally I want to give only very restrictive rights to access anything 
on my server, so giving everybody directory-listing (execute) and read 
access to a directory where other data/directories are stored is not in 
this sense of security...

Thanks for the great support!!!!



Brandon Kuczenski schrieb:
 > On Mon, 7 May 2007, Markus Drexelius wrote:
 >> Hi!
 >> That's a very hot tip!
 >> When I comment out the user statetment, the gnump3d doesn't appear 
in the process list after calling "gnump3d" from root shell. But when I 
set "user = root" it works: I can access the root page, it is no longer 
 >> So it seems to be a problem with the file permissions.
 >> Is it sufficient to give o+r and o+x for the theme directory and o+r 
for all files in the theme directory? All files in theme directories are 
owned by root and group=root.
 >> I have again changed recursively for all files and folders in the 
MP3-directory the group to "gemeinsam", all files have g+r permission.
 > All the files you want other people to see - theme files but also all 
music files - should have 644 permissions, and all directories should 
have 755.  Then the group membership won't be important.
 > Also make sure that all the directories leading up to them are 
world-openable as well.
 > Are you testing whether the server is working from the same machine 
or a different machine?
 >> When I set user = gnump3d again, it doesn't work: I will get the 
blank page again.
 > It seems to me that gnump3d should report an error if it's having 
trouble reading the theme files.  Nothing shows up in error.log?  What 
about access.log?
 >> How can I validate, that the user gnump3d is a member of the group 
"gemeinsam"? When I try to add via "adduser gnump3d gemeinsam" I get the 
result that gnump3d is already member of "gemeinsam"...
 > The 'canonical' way (for me) would be "groups gnump3d" .. you could 
also run "grep gnump3d /etc/group"
 > Good luck,
 > Brandon
 >> Brandon Kuczenski schrieb:
 >>> On Mon, 7 May 2007, Markus Drexelius wrote:
 >>>> Hi Brandon,
 >>>> I think the difference in the binding ports is the result of my 
experiments to get it working. The last one is port 80 and on port 80 I 
can access gnump3d (but only with the white page).
 >>>> The config file is attached.
 >>> Perhaps there is a problem with the theme.  Have you tried a 
different theme?
 >>> Try running as root (comment out the user = gnump3d line) to see if 
maybe there is a file access permission problem?
 >>> -Brandon
 >>>> What does the option "enable_browsing" mean? I have now removed 
the #. After that the following error message appears, when I start gnump3d:
 >>>> "Error: duplicate entries for (/usr/share/gnump3d/Tabular/)
 >>>>  Indexing complete."
 >>>> Is this a problem?!
 >>>> Thanks a lot four your help.
 >>>> Markus
 >>>> Brandon Kuczenski schrieb:

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