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Re: [Gnump3d-users] Search Not Working

From: Jim Lucas
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] Search Not Working
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 21:12:06 -0700
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mornindew wrote:
Hi all,
    I have been running gnump3d for a couple months now and it seems to be
working just fine with the exception of one thing.  My search is not coming
back with any results.  I know that all of my media has id3 tags associated
with them but they still are not returning anything.  I am using quite a bit
of symbolic linking of my media files and I was wondering if maybe that is
causing an issue.  I was wondering if anyone has run into this before or if
anyone has an idea of how to debug this issue.  Thanks in advance.  Craig

Well, nothing in my lib is symlinked around and the only way I can get the
search tool to work is using the "Search Terms" field.  Nothing is returned
when I try and search for the artist or song.

So, I don't think it is related to your linking of files.

BTW - I am using GNUMP3d v2.9final on OpenBSD 4.4 stable

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