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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Miscellaneous Ideas

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Miscellaneous Ideas
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 10:27:51 -0500
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On Sunday 28 March 2004 02:03, Alexander Winston wrote:
> > > * "GNU-style" --help format (like ls --help, sha1sum --help, et al.)
> >
> > I'm not sure I understand -- for me gnunetd --help looks rather similar
> > to ls --help (ok, we have fewer options ;-).  We're trying to stick to
> > GNU conventions, could you be more specific? (This is something that
> > should be trivial to fix).
> Sorry for not being more descriptive beforehand. It does indeed look
> like a cinch to fix. See how the "ls --help" output is sorted
> alphabetically based on the short options and seems to be indented by
> two spaces on the left, except for the explanatory "paragraphs"? Please
> note the distinct lack of colons. :-)

Ok, I've fixed it for gnunetd / gnunet-transport-check / gnunet-peer-info / 
gnunet-gtk / gnunet-insert / gnunet-search and gnunet-download.  There is 
some new code that does the formatting automatically (util/printhelp.c), so 
for the remaining apps we only need to do some minor conversion of the code.

> Also, sort of on a related note, could the number of binaries be trimmed
> down? Almost two dozen is a lot. :-) For instance, as a start, could
> gnunet-directory-* and gnunet-pseudonym-* be merged? (Not into one,
> though---I mean into two separate applications.)

I think they could easily be merged, and it would probably be a good thing, 
too.  I already merged gnunet-search and gnunet-search-sblock recently.  It's 
a bit of a pain code-wise, but the directory-* and pseudonym-* tools are 
quite simple so it's probably easy to do. Send a patch :-).

> > Let me know if you find any inaccuracies...
> I think that eDonkey2000 uses MD4 instead of SHA and I think that
> FastTrack may use keywords, too. (I can't quite remember how KaZaA
> worked way back when I was a Windows user.) :-)

My definition of 'keywords' is that the application needs to do some 
inspection of the meta-data contained in files (i.e., read mp3 ID3 tags) and 
allow searching for that in addition to just the filenames.  If KaZaA does 
that, I'll add that to the list, otherwise it stays at 'filenames'.  I've 
fixed the hash (I could only find 'uses hash', not which one).


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