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[GNUnet-developers] Keywords in AFS

From: Milan
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Keywords in AFS
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 18:56:05 +0200
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Hi everybody !

I was thinking about keywords in AFS, and I found another idea to make
GNUnet more accessible and efficient with searches : there could be
several kinds of keywords. Meaning, for example with music : album,
artist, date... almost all of ID3 Tag data could be useful. The idea is
that at the moment, when we're typing one or more keywords, we get
already many and many files (which not exist often, but that is not the
question). What will be the results of searches when there will be more
files ?

Keywords could be classed, and then to make a search you could type one
or more keywords in one or more class, and the other nodes would tell
you only the files matching with your query. It would be a smart way to
find files : typing Album : "Led Zeppelin I" Artist : "Led Zeppelin"
Content type : "Music" MimeType : "audio/mp3" would return only few
files but GOOD files.

The question is : How to implement it ? You know I'm (far) not so good
as you in GNUnet coding, but I think There could be, as now, general
keywords, and in addition, specific, classed keywords, which would take
a signification following the file's type they refer to. Example :

Keyword         Music            Movie            Photos

1               Title            Title            Title
2               Author           Film maker       Photograph
3               Album            Serial           Album
4               Year             Year             Year
5               Encoding type    Encoding type    Encoding type
6               Rate             Rate/Resolution  Resolution
7               Long description Long description Long description

The nodes should be able to return only requests that satisfy the
keywords, to minimize traffic. The objective is to make GNUnet smarter,
more usable and  more attractive : no p2p framework has ever used so
precise keywords for search. What do you think ? Is this simple to
implement ?


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