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[GNUnet-developers] Re: [Help-gnunet] OS X gui

From: Heikki Lindholm
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Re: [Help-gnunet] OS X gui
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 23:21:47 +0200
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Hi Parnell,

The status of gnunet-cocoa is that there's an installer and a setup gui that both work. The code could use a clean-up, but most of the functionality is there. Note that quite a bit of the code is actually under GNUnet/ (and not gnunet-cocoa/). There's no release, because there's no GUI for filesharing and as such a release would not be all that useful imho.

After the 0.9 branching I readjusted my plans and thought that I'd rather write the filesharing part along with the 0.9 development. However, realistically speaking, it might be better to just do the bigger UI parts (like filesharing) with common code, ie. using Qt or GTK. Both Qt and GTK can be used on OS X without X11 these days. It will look and behave a bit worse than native Cocoa, but I'm not sure if that's really important in a filesharing app.

If you're itching to code something, a GUI for just showing statistics from the daemon would be a good starting point. With any OS X developments, I'd like to maintain compatibility down to 10.4 (which means that all the point and click stuff and ObjC features from the later Xcode versions won't be available.)

-- Heikki Lindholm

Christian Grothoff kirjoitti:

First, I should mention that there is already an effort to write a COCOA frontend ( It has never been released (AFAIK), and I do not know how far along the code is. My impression is that help would be rather welcome (and I do not recall if the original vision was to do an installer or a file-sharing GUI or both).

Second, yes, there is an API. Now, there is the "old" 0.8.x API (src/include/gnunet_ecrs_lib.h and gnunet_fsui_lib.h mostly), and there will be a new API for 0.9.x (svn/gnunet/src/include/gnunet_fs_service.h). Both have some stuff in common, but the 0.9.x-API should be both more powerful and easier to use. OTOH, 0.9.x is only partially implemented, so it would not be as straightforward to test your code right now.

Finally, I think the mailinglist for development issues is gnunet-
address@hidden; help-gnunet is more for user-issues. I've cc'ed Heikki Lindholm, the author of gnunet-cocoa.



On Wednesday 02 December 2009 06:08:56 am Parnell Springmeyer wrote:

This was the only list for gnunet that seemed appropriate for this topic...

As I'm rather dissatisfied with the GTK GUI on Mac OS X, I have decided
to build a Cocoa based GUI for OS X. I am, basically, looking for some
tips and pointers.

I realize the Gnunet client is separate from the GUI, so I'm assuming
the client and its applications can be used through an API? If the
developers could give some pointers, that would be great.

I'm starting out by looking at how gnunet-gtk is built and going from
there. I'm also a noob to Mac OS X desktop application building
(although I've worked on iPhone apps, so it isn't alien), so it's also a
bit of a learning project for me.

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