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[GNUnet-developers] Survey for organizing GNUnet in-person meetings

From: t3sserakt
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Survey for organizing GNUnet in-person meetings
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2017 17:26:39 +0200
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Dear GNUnet hackers,

to push GNUnet further, we believe it would be very useful to not only
have interested people working on some isolated parts of the project,
but to foster a community that does communicate much more. A community
exchanging information on a regular basis, and a community that is also
giving information to the public more regularly. This should enable us
to release new GNUnet versions more often, and to make the use of GNUnet
for "normal" user easier.

To accomplish this we think it would be nice to start with a yearly
all hands meeting.
Every year at CCC congress the "We fix the net" session (formerly know
as youbroketheinternet assembly) takes place.
Since this is also the meeting of the GNUnet e.V., a lot of people
associated with GNUnet meet there. For some people this date is perfect,
because during holiday time they can concentrate on others things than
usual daily work. Others have different plans for their holidays.

We think about having an additional date and location for a GNUnet all
hands meeting.

Therefore, we like to ask you two questions, to know if having an
date and location makes sense.

We will also use this information to plan when to hold the
GNUnet e.V. meeting at 34c3.

1. On which days you will be at the CCC congress (please mark with x):

- 27th
- 28th
- 29th
- 30th

2. Would you be interested on participating a GNUnet all hands meeting
for some days. Let us know how many days you would like to have this
meeting. 0 - 4 days, with 0 being not interested:

A meeting of several day could justify the travel, because we can do -
beside an open knowledge transfer - talks, or combine the meeting with
the GNU hacker meeting for example. If those questions are answered,
we can finally decide about where to meet. If you already have ideas,
what we could do during that meeting, some talk you could give or a
workshop you can do with others, please let us know.

Happy hacking!

Christian and t3sserakt

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