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Rewriting (part of) gnunet in another programming language (Was: Re: Deb

From: Amirouche Boubekki
Subject: Rewriting (part of) gnunet in another programming language (Was: Re: Debian 10 build warnings, wiki enhancements, Questions)
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019 21:24:21 +0100

Hello all!

> > - What do you think about Rust programming language rather than using C?
> >
> >
> The language still seems to evolve a bit too quickly for production
> code, forcing everybody on recent compilers and not providing good
> long-term stability of APIs yet. Also, the resulting lack of a gcc
> frontend is troubling.

I like the ideas of Rust. As of yet, I prefer GNU Guile.

> But that said, GNUnet components can be written
> (or re-written) in any language, and certainly Rust (and Go) have some
> advantages.  Also, GNUnet benefits a lot from existing C code and
> libraries, which would have to be ported to imported into Rust (or Go),
> which is a non-trivial starting cost that must be paid. But overall I'm
> in favor of type safety and we generally welcome people contributing
> code in any language with a free compiler.


> Having a re-implementation of libgnunetutil in Rust would be a good
> start.  The recent crypto changes might facilitate this, as they were
> done to make the re-implementation of libgnunetutil's crypto in Go
> easier, and hence should also facilitate the same for a Rust library.

libgnunetutil correspond to the following header:

A question comes to mind:

What is up regarding event loop integration? Did anything change
regarding that topic?

I am thinking about rebooting my work guile bindings.


Amirouche ~

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