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Re: Manually storing DHT content

From: Schanzenbach, Martin
Subject: Re: Manually storing DHT content
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 14:12:47 +0100

Sounds a bit like you want to build something on top of messenger and fs 

Storing blog posts (e.g. html pages) in fs seems reasonable to me. And using
the messenger feature for propagation/notifications of updates and possibly 
comments would allow you to
build a content platform around it.


> On 17. Feb 2021, at 14:09, Danny <> wrote:
> Hmmm, that's definitally interresting.
> I was actually more concerned with a blog-like situation where messages
> can be considered to be posts and are available to the public,
> preferably indefinetally. My objective in this case is freedom of
> speech, not so much confidentiality.
> I don't know how long the messages in a chat-room remain available, but
> I'm guessing the messages are encrypted for the other participants that
> were in the room at the moment the message was sent?
> But anyway, good to see such a system is being integrated as well. :)
> Danny.
> On Wed, 2021-02-17 at 13:19 +0100, TheJackiMonster wrote:
>> Hey Danny,
>> if you want to share small content as text messages inside of a group
>> of people, you could take a look at the messenger service, I am
>> working
>> on.
>> It could be possible that it already fills your needs. You can open
>> something like a chat-room on peers to exchange messages in a
>> decentralized way. These messages get signed and can even be
>> requested
>> from other members when the original author is offline.
>> It's not completely finished but some tests for message exchange
>> between peers are already succeeding. (Just notice that there is only
>> doxygen as documentation at the moment. I'm still working on a proper
>> manual and such. ^^')
>> Happy hacking,
>> Jacki
>> On Wed, 2021-02-17 at 12:01 +0000, Danny wrote:
>>> Hey Christian,
>>> First of all thank you for the answer.
>>> Actually, I'm thinking of creating a `social blog` application in
>>> which
>>> friends connect to friends.
>>> I was hoping for some way of ensuring persistence of content across
>>> a
>>> (social) network. The friend peers could best be providing for the
>>> storage of the content, doing away with the need of random
>>> unrelated
>>> peers providing the storage.
>>> The thing is, I'm expecting the content to be small text messages a
>>> lot
>>> of the time.
>>> I think the filesharing subsystem might be a little bit to much
>>> overhead for this, considering that file blocks are 1024 bytes, and
>>> there is a lot of functionality that I don't need for this.
>>> Any ideas? Otherwise, I will probably have to create my own
>>> subsystem
>>> for this I guess. I was just looking at DHT and hoping it would fit
>>> my
>>> use case. If I had the ability to have the friend peers store the
>>> content without the need of the originator of the content to be
>>> online,
>>> I would have been there.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Danny
>>> On Wed, 2021-02-17 at 12:29 +0100, Christian Grothoff wrote:
>>>> Nope, datastore is _only_ for the file-sharing subsystem,
>>>> datacache
>>>> is
>>>> for the DHT (alas DATACACHE does not have such an API, you must
>>>> use
>>>> the
>>>> GNUNET_DHT_put-API).
>>>> Happy hacking!
>>>> Christian
>>>> On 2/17/21 11:57 AM, Danny wrote:
>>>>> Hey guys,
>>>>> Quick question.
>>>>> Can I use GNUNET_DATASTORE_put for manually storing content
>>>>> that
>>>>> would
>>>>> be available by DHT GET requests from others nodes?
>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>> Danny

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