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Re: Interested in helping out

From: Danny
Subject: Re: Interested in helping out
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2021 17:22:36 +0000

Hey William,

I'm not really involved in Gnunet myself, but I like to let you know I
too had some issues getting the C api through Rust's FFI to work the
way I wanted in my Rust app. Right now I'm building a Rust app and a
(unofficial) gnunet (async) bindings for it. If you want to use it for
some inspiration, let me know. However, its only a beginning and I only
work at it 'as I need it'. Either way, I think building Rust bindings
is still quite low-level.

I think there are actually Python bindings you could use. (no
experience with them)  (
I'm sure creating a Gnunet app is actually contributing to the project.
For one thing, it will create exposure for the project, which I think
it could definetally use.

I wish you luck!


On Sat, 2021-04-03 at 15:27 +0100, William Liquorice wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a physics student at Durham University who has been following
> GNUnet
> for about a year now. If someone is willing to point me in the right
> direction, then I am more than willing to contribute to the project
> in
> some way.
> I have plenty of experience with Python, as a hobby and a little in
> the
> large, if that is applicable anywhere, and I'm somewhat familiar with
> writing static web pages. I wouldn't trust myself to work on the C
> codebase itself, as I don't have much experience with systems
> programming beyond some very simple projects in C++ and Rust, and
> have
> no idea about writing safe C.
> Helping out with GNUnet, in some way, seems like a good way for me to
> learn about contributing a free software project, while also
> contributing to society at large. Also, I have might have something
> that
> I can contribute already.
> A few months ago I thought that trying to re-implement bits of GNUnet
> would be an interesting non-trivial Rust project. The effort fell
> through, learning physics and how to use Rust and C's FFIs proved to
> be
> impossible to do at the same time.
> As part of that, I had a go at picking the big (and rather
> overwhelming)
> process architecture diagram apart into a few smaller pieces. I'm
> happy
> to share some SVGs of these smaller diagrams, as they might aid in
> understanding the different subsystems of GNUnet.
> Let me know if there's anything else that I can help with.
> Thanks,
>         William

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