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Patches from proofreading gnunet-www

From: William Liquorice
Subject: Patches from proofreading gnunet-www
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 09:22:03 +0100
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I've spent some time going through the website templates for spelling and grammar issues, and have gone from A to F so far. Just figured out git format-patch, so I thought I'd submit some patches containing suggested corrections. They're each corrections for individual files, to make them easy to review.

I held back on issues of writing style, as that's more subjective.

One issue that I have found myself unable to solve is the FAQ about distributed ledger technologies, because the question only sort-of makes sense for the given answer. Seems like the question is asking about whether, but the answer seems to focus more on using distributed ledgers in GNUnet. Should I open an issue on the bug tracker for it?

I hope that these patches prove to be useful.

Thank you,
        William Liquorice

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