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Speaking inquiry in ÖzgürKon 2021 (an online free software conference, 2

From: Neslihan Turan
Subject: Speaking inquiry in ÖzgürKon 2021 (an online free software conference, 29-30 May)
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 15:33:20 +0300
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My name is Neslihan Turan. I am reaching you as a member of Free
Software Association in Turkey.[1] We organize an international event
annually since last year. It is called ÖzgürKon[2] which stands for
free/libre conference in Turkish and it will be about freedom, free
software, free knowledge, free art, digital cultures, censorship,
technological inequalities, free science and any related topics. Here
you can find sessions of the previous year to have broader idea of the
event.[3] We would be very happy if you accept to speak at ÖzgürKon this
year which will be held on 29-30 May.

It would be nice to have a session about GNUnet and current problems of
the Internet. We are also open to any other related topic suggestion of

It is nice to note that, the event will be held by only free software.
You can find our Call for Proposal here[4], to see session types and to
fill a proposal if you prefer to.

Note: I would prefer to send this email to a info email address, however
I am sending this email hoping that someone from the developer group or
the community will be interested since I couldn't find an info email

Looking forward to hear from you, bests.
Neslihan Turan


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