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Summer of Nix

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Summer of Nix
Date: Fri, 14 May 2021 17:26:19 +0200
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Dear all,

If someone is interested in packaging GNUnet, GNU Taler, Anastasis (or
other Free Software) for Nix, this might be a good alternative to GSoC
which did not accept GNU this year...

Feel free to pass it on!

Happy hacking!


On 5/14/21 3:37 PM, wrote:
> Heads up: Summer of Nix
> =======================
> As you know, we want to package the fruits of your hard labour into the
> wonderful Nix package management system - to make them easily accessible
> for everyone. But with NGI Zero being so productive, it has been hard to
> find enough packagers.
> This is why we are proud to be supporting a significant influx of new
> talent into the Nix ecosystem, with a new effort called the Summer of
> Nix. This programme will bring together dozens of students,
> professionals and passionates that will spend between August and
> mid-October to take up the challenge of packaging as many NGI Zero
> projects as possible. Experienced Nix packagers are participating in a
> mentoring role. The program is organized by members of the core Nix
> development team, the NixOS foundation, Tweag and NLnet foundation.
> For many projects, it will be beneficial to interact with the packagers
> tackling their project themselves - the repo and software bill of
> materials hopefully should get them a long way, but it can be very
> helpful for both sides to have some contact - if information is
> outdated, incomplete, or there are technical issues that need to be
> resolved.
> We hope you like this effort, and think it is useful. We are still
> figuring out the logistics, but we hope to be able to make an inventory
> of your availability during this period - to facilitate the cooperation
> with the packagers. Thanks for your collaboration!
> P.S. If you know people that might be interested to participate, feel
> free to point them to:

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