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Messenger working

From: Tobias Platen
Subject: Messenger working
Date: Mon, 31 May 2021 12:41:36 +0200

I got the gnunet messenger working on my laptop.
The next test will be installing GNUnet on a second computer
then invoke the messenger using ssh. I'm also thinking about
using pidgin/libpurple as a ui for the messenger. I did not test

* Welcome to the messenger, 'anonymous'!
* You try to open a room...
* You joined the room.
[95D7GG] * 'anonymous' joined the room!
[K6G3HE] * 'anonymous' joined the room!
[K6G3HE] * 'anonymous' gets renamed to 'anonymous'
[95D7GG] * 'anonymous' gets renamed to 'anonymous'
[95D7GG] * 'anonymous' says: "aaaaaaaa"
[95D7GG] * 'anonymous' says: "hallo"
[K6G3HE] * 'anonymous' says: "welt"

Open and connect to rooms using the MESSENGER to chat.
Arguments mandatory for long options are also mandatory for short options.
  -c, --config=FILENAME      use configuration file FILENAME
  -d, --door=PEERIDENTITY    peer identity to entry into the room
  -e, --ego=IDENTITY         identity to use for messaging
  -h, --help                 print this help
  -L, --log=LOGLEVEL         configure logging to use LOGLEVEL
  -l, --logfile=FILENAME     configure logging to write logs to FILENAME
  -p, --private              flag to enable private mode
  -r, --room=ROOMKEY         key of the room to connect to
  -v, --version              print the version number
Report bugs to
Home page:
General help using GNU software:

Tobias Platen <>

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