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Re: Attacking the documentation monster

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Re: Attacking the documentation monster
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2022 23:55:00 +0100
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William Liquorice schreef op di 01-03-2022 om 19:51 [+0000]:
> Hello,
> A year or two ago, I tried to wrap my head around GNUnet so that I could 
> try to make parallel implementations of small bits in Rust, but found 
> its documentation to be utterly impenetrable. Not even from a technical 
> standpoint, the massive reference manual / "handbook" is quite 
> overwhelming and more akin to the Lord of the Rings.
> [...]

While it's not explicitly mentioned, going by the subject line, it
seems you are interested in improving the documentation?

If so, perhaps you might be interested in the documentation for the
‘gnunet-scheme’ WIP port (*)
( I've been writing,
though be aware that the API is somewhat different from the C API.  To
read it, clone the git repo and point TeXmacs at 'doc/scheme-'.  Or I can send you a PDF.

This documentation is structured differently from the C documentation,
maybe you'll find it clearer.


(*) Client libraries only, no services (yet?)!

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