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Re: packaging question on gnunet-gtk

From: Nikita Ronja Gillmann
Subject: Re: packaging question on gnunet-gtk
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2022 14:42:46 +0100
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Hi Christian,

thanks for looking into this issue!

By the way, I'm very close to merging most of the gnunet packages into pkgsrc, tested for NetBSD so far, I just need to look into some issue with the user servicefile.

On 3/25/22 14:27, Christian Grothoff wrote:
Hi Nikita,

I've figured it out: gnunet-conversation-gtk was only being built when
GNU libextractor was found by configure --- because it was linked
against that library. However, that linkage was no longer needed, so I
was able to remove the dependency and now it works even without LE.

So workaround: --with-extractor=$LE_PREFIX
or: update to latest Git ;-)

Happy hacking!


On 3/21/22 19:34, Nikita Ronja Gillmann wrote:

I've picked the gnunet packages back up for pkgsrc.
One odd thing I observed about gnunet-gtk is that
it does not build the gnunet-conversation-gtk binary,
even if the conditions for it are (as per config logs)

I don't see anything in my first look at this which makes me
think that src/conversation is set to not build.

Build transcripts for builds from 0.16.0 tarball attached,
"building" is with a gnunet with conversations submodule,
"building-without" is with a gnunet without conversations submodule.

Note: in log file 'building', the text below essentially says that the
expected file (at the end of the build process, during creation of the
package file) is not found:

pkg_create: can't stat 
=> Checking file-check results for gnunet-gtk-0.16.0
ERROR: ************************************************************
ERROR: The following files are in the PLIST but not in 
*** Error code 1

PS: please only on-list replies, thanks. I subscribed for the time being.

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