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Re: Hello from the libp2p project

From: Schanzenbach, Martin
Subject: Re: Hello from the libp2p project
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2022 10:38:39 +0000

Hi Max,

thanks for reaching out.
Indeed, it would be great to establish an exchange between our projects.

There are actually a few ideas floating around already in my head, but due to 
lack of time there is little chance that I will take a serious myself in the 
near future such as a GNS implementation on top of the libp2p DHT or an R5N 
implementation for libp2p.
t3ss is currently (soon?) working on the NAT traversal functionality for our 
transport layer rewrite so from what I have seen on your HP, this may also be 
of interest to you and your insights valuable.

Regarding the libp2p day: I will be unable to attend unfortunately. Maybe 
others can?


> On 16. Sep 2022, at 11:57, Max Inden <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> This is Max [5], one of the maintainers of the libp2p [1] [2] project.
> I have been following the GnuNet project for a couple of months. Obviously I 
> am quite into p2p networking, thus reading your living standards page [3] as 
> well as various other resources was wonderful. Thanks for making this 
> material available.
> I think we can learn a lot from each other, thus I am reaching out to 
> connect. I will try to join one of the upcoming GnuNet monthly get-togethers. 
> Also I want to use the chance to invite you folks to our "libp2p day" [4] end 
> of October in Lisbon. Let me know in case you would like to join.
> Regards,
> Max
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> [3]:
> [4]: 
> [5]:

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