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Re: The future of the file-sharing service

From: Luis Soeiro
Subject: Re: The future of the file-sharing service
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2022 22:50:21 +0200
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Em 2022-09-19 20:42, madmurphy escreveu:

What FS needs to have:

* Possibility of sharing a file while it is still being downloaded (parts of it, of course)

That would be interesting. It would be cool to have it swarm the pieces (like torrent)...

* Metadata must be editable and sharable
* Search keywords must be visible, editable, sharable (part of the metadata?)

Hummm. Ok. But would it lead to spammers?

* Introduction of a rating mechanism for files (against spam)


* Allow reverse search (i.e. chk-URI lookup)

This might be troublesome. Imagine if some entity is looking for people who might donwload some special file (a planted file or an unauthorized file). That entity might try to locate the URI and then the users by looking at the pieces...

* Automatically and fully auto-unindex a file when it is missing
* Autoshare the dynamic content of a directory and update its index in real time (e.g. if I "autoshare" the content of /srv/filesharing/gnunet/madmurphy/, when I add foobar.txt to that directory it must be automatically indexed - the opposite if I remove it) * Implement file statistics (download counter? last seen? etc.) - this should allow the network to get rid easily of "lost" content
* Implement a NOT operator for search keywords (a tilde, "~"?)
* Implement an OR operator (a vertical bar, "|"? currently not writing any operator equals OR, but we need an explicit OR operator if we want to implement the next point) * Allow parenthesis parsing for AND/OR/NOT operators; this will require that operators can be followed by spaces (e.g. gnunet-search +required '+' '(' optional1 '|' optional2 ')') * The output filename must become optional in gnunet-download. If not specified, the file/directory must be downloaded using the original filename it was published with - if currently this information is not always saved during publishing, then we must make sure that it is always saved (this is part of the metadata too and must be editable)



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