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Re: The future of the file-sharing service

From: David Barksdale
Subject: Re: The future of the file-sharing service
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 18:40:18 -0500
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On 9/19/22 1:42 PM, madmurphy wrote:
Hi all,

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 2:55 PM Maxime Devos < <>> wrote:

    Myself, I'm very interested in the file-sharing service and DHT
    service -- I would like to implement (Guix) substitutes over GNUnet
    (I already sent a POC implementation previously, but it wasn't a
    very nice implementation, e.g. there was no fallback to regular http
    / https, that's why I started scheme-gnunet, to make GNUnet easier
    to use from Guile.

I know that probably the FS service is not the priority at the moment, but I was thinking that nothing forbids to imagine now how an ideal FS service could look like. Time ago I had written down some of the features that I believe a future FS module will need to implement. I paste my list here, with the hope of leaving food for thought for a brain storming.

What FS needs to have:

 1. Possibility of sharing a file while it is still being downloaded
    (parts of it, of course)

This is already possible, the GAP routing layer can decide to cache any block of data it receives in the datastore.

 2. Metadata must be editable and sharable

You can always publish new metadata under a keyword. What does sharable mean here?

 3. Search keywords must be visible, editable, sharable (part of the

Metadata (along with the URI of the file) is published under keywords, a keyword search returns this information. Are you suggesting including all the known keywords as part of the metadata?

 4. Introduction of a rating mechanism for files (against spam)
 5. Allow reverse search (i.e. chk-URI lookup)

This could be done by using the URI as a keyword when publishing.

 6. Automatically and fully auto-unindex a file when it is missing
 7. Autoshare the dynamic content of a directory and update its index in
    real time (e.g. if I “autoshare” the content of
    |/srv/filesharing/gnunet/madmurphy/|, when I add |foobar.txt| to
    that directory it must be automatically indexed – the opposite if I
    remove it)

This is what gnunet-auto-share does.

 8. Implement file statistics (download counter? last seen? etc.) – this
    should allow the network to get rid easily of “lost” content

The gtk gui tries to download parts of search results to display how available a file is.

 9. Implement a NOT operator for search keywords (a tilde, “~”?)
10. Implement an OR operator (a vertical bar, “|”? currently not writing
    any operator equals OR, but we need an explicit OR operator if we
    want to implement the next point)
11. Allow parenthesis parsing for AND/OR/NOT operators; this will
    require that operators can be followed by spaces (e.g.
    |gnunet-search +required '+' '(' optional1 '|' optional2 ')'|)
12. The output filename must become optional in |gnunet-download|. If
    not specified, the file/directory must be downloaded using the
    original filename it was published with – if currently this
    information is not always saved during publishing, then we must make
    sure that it is always saved (this is part of the metadata too and
    must be editable)

My two cents. Please do not hesitate to post your comments on these proposals or add new ideas.


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