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Re: GNUnet 0.20.0 released / failing

From: xrs
Subject: Re: GNUnet 0.20.0 released / failing
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2023 20:01:33 +0100

Dear all,

I'm trying to package version 0.20.0 for Alpine Linux. 

53 of 55 tests are successful, one is skipped and another fails. The
test for is failing on my system saying something

  2023-12-29T19:07:29.608763+0100 util-os-installation-18555 WARNING
  `access' failed on file `/usr/gnunet/libexec/gnunet-service-resolver'
  at os_installation.c:793 with error: No such file or directory

The binary "gnunet-service-resolver" has been successfully built.
Do you have an idea how this could have happened?

See the attached build and test logs for further information. 


On Mon, 25 Sep 2023 17:11:17 -0000 wrote:

> Hello,
> first of all,
> GNUnet project wanted to release GNUnet 0.20.0 before the 40th GNU
> Anniversary Hacker Meeting.
> GNUnet project succeeded in reaching this aim.
> Virtual applause to all devs contributing to this!
> This important news item -
> - hasn't appeared
> on the info-gnu mailing list, yet:
> A look into the info-gnu mailing list archive reveals that news of
> previous GNUnet version publications did appear on this mailing list
> - for example GNUnet 0.12.0, on Fri, 20 Dec 2019 10:28:59 +0900:
> But planet gnu got it:
> This is a major major release, so please make sure that said news
> item to it also gets on the info-gnu mailing list.
> And in the long run—suggestion for improvement:
> This kind of instance has a history, all together sketching an
> outlook for process improvement by automation, whenever a major
> release is on the table.
> Can't there be any kind of script created, pushing the according news
> item to planet gnu and the info-gnu mailing list all together just by
> the push of 1 button?
> So that not only Martin(?) or tesserakt(?) are eased from this
> specific task, but also all important spots are covered with this
> kind of news item securely at the same, immediate time?
> Reasoning:
> This release is a quite important milestone among all releases, and
> therefore deserves to get spotlight according to that.
> Best regards,
> Bastian Schmidt

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